This is our premier service for the up-and-coming professional. We combine our educational knowledge base with our consultation platform to provide a professional growth experience that is guaranteed to meet your needs.



  • Understand how our services can help you.
  • 3 Month Subscription
  • 1 Hr/Month of Phone Mentoring
  • 1 Hour-Long Video Conference
  • 10% Services Discount*

Prorated upgrades
Includes $25 Non-refundable service charge
Full refund (*minus $25 service charge) if unsatisfied



  • Start transforming your life
  • 6 Month Subscription
  • 1.5 Hr/Mo of Phone Mentoring
  • 2 Hour-Long Video Conference
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Includes $50 Non-refundable service charge
Full refund (*minus $50 service charge) if unsatisfied



  • Undertake major change with our help.
  • 1 Year Subscription
  • 3 Hr/Mo of Phone Mentoring
  • 4 Hour-Long Video Conference
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Includes $150 Non-refundable service charge
Full refund (*minus $150 service charge) if unsatisfied



  • Leave a legacy for future generations.
  • 3 Year Subscription
  • Unlimited Phone Mentoring
  • 1 Hr/Mo Video Conference
  • 20% Lifetime Discount*

Prorated upgrades
Includes $250 Non-refundable service charge
Full refund (*minus $250 service charge) if unsatisfied

*Includes all course offerings and onsite consultation services. Travel expenses still apply.


How can you integrate your home and lifestyle with nature to help you save money and live healthier and happier? Our Homescale Design service will help you improve your quality of life while making your homestead more resilient and regenerative.

Consultation & Education Rate- $80/hr + Travel Expenses
Phone Consultation – First 30 minutes FREE and $35/hr after that

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We work to help farmers produce food in a more sustainable way. We think holistically about how our food is grown so farmers have the tools they need to have better harvests.

Consultation & Education Rate- $80/hr + Travel Expenses
Phone Consultation – First 30 minutes FREE and $35/hr after that

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Changing the way the world relates to land is a big task. We give talks across the country to share the benefits of integrated design.

Consultation & Education Rate- $80/hr + Travel Expenses

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Maintaining community cohesion can be a full time job. Whether it’s a workplace or an intentional homestead, we provide the tools, knowledge, and experience to make communities more fun and resilient.

Consultation & Education Rate- $80/hr + Travel Expenses
Phone Consultation – First 30 minutes FREE and $35/hr after that

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At Integrated Acres it is our mission to provide the skills knowledge and services to help established famers to be more efficient and resilient and help the new generation of young farmers to thrive. Our land-based design consultation services are an integral part of that formula. Simple and straightforward, our design work is deeply informed through our wealth of experience from around the globe. We want to help save you precious time and money while making your farm or ranch more profitable and sustainable!

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We’re working with farmers and ranchers to produce more food at less cost. We integrate traditional land use practices with the ingenuity of today’s science so producers can focus on the importance of putting quality food on the table.

Having a thriving and healthy community means having the resources to meet everyone’s needs. We know that this idea extends beyond just ourselves, our families and extended communities. The very ecosystems we rely upon requires the same consideration. Returning surpluses into our broader ecological community feeds the foundation we all depend upon and provides more vitality for our benefit and enjoyment.
Clean water and verdant ecosystems are the foundation of our families’ health and our communities’ well-being. In our rapidly changing world we face increasingly complex challenges to the ethical, safe and healthy production of food. That is why Integrated Acres is teaming up with families, farmers, researchers, and non-profit organizations to help develop practical and resilient solutions.

It is our mission to integrate regenerative land use practices with modern and traditional stewardship for the healthy restoration of our agricultural soils, our vital rivers systems, and thriving happy communities.

Theron Beaudreau


We design systems that grow more productive and resilient for generations to come at a cost that makes sense for you today. As part of our world family, we’re invested in our mutual long term prosperity.

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We believe in a peaceful world where everyone has all they need to survive and thrive. A world with an abundance of clean water and rich, vital soils. We believe in a world where ethics are the foundation of economics and people are the center of community.

  • Rod Roby

    Awesome experience! Theron not only provides the education to understand the principles and need for applying permaculture, he provides experiences to make it real.

  • Marco Tosi

    Theron is a very thoughtful permaculturist, with experience in a variety of climates, he is also a very creative thinker. His commitment to the spread of permaculture in the community is very impressive.

  • Sarah Elsberg

    This was an incredible experience. Theron is a great teacher full of passion, knowledge, tons of patience and most of all, great ethics. I now feel extremely inspired and empowered…


We are committed to providing the best in land based training. Our Integrated approach has allowed us to partner with a wide variety of skill based educators from around the world.

**This course has already begun but you are still welcome to join us. See the schedule below for opportunities to get involved!**

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the art and beauty of natural design? This is the course for you! With an extended 9 weekend format covering all the core elements of any certified Permaculture Design Course (PDC) and tons of additional content and hands-on activities, this course is designed to help you turn the knowledge into experience. A total of 18 days spanning all four seasons, our Permaculture Design Course will allow you to experience permaculture with the rhythms of nature. Break out of the daily 9 to 5 monotony and encounter a life full of possibilities.

Click on any of the scheduled weekends to register for each weekend individually OR register for the whole course by selecting the “Register Now” button at the bottom.

Course Schedule:

3 day Introduction Weekend

Friday, October 14th – Day 1: Permaculture Introduction, History, & Ethics
Saturday, October 15th – Day 2: Permaculture Design Principles, Methods of Design, Zone & Sector Analysis
Sunday, October 16th – Day 3: Natural Patterns & Patterns in Design

Weekend 2: Water Systems

Saturday, November 12th – Day 4: Water in the World, Water in the Home, Water in the Landscape
Sunday, November 13th – Day 5: Hands-on Water Design & Implementation

Weekend 3: Soils & Compost

Saturday, January 14th – Day 6: Soil Chemistry, Soil Biology, Composting, Compost Tea & Bio Fertilizer
Sunday, January 15th – Day 7: Hands-on Soil Design & Implementation

Weekend 4: Climate & Urban Design

Saturday, February 18th – Day 8: Global Climate Systems, Climate Design Strategies, Urban Design
Sunday, February 19th – Day 9: Urban Design Activity

Weekend 5: Trees & Forest Systems

Saturday, March 18th – Day 10: Trees, Forests, Savannas, Agroforestry, Silvopasture
Sunday, March 19th – Day 11: Hands-on Forest Systems

Weekend 6: Earthworks

Saturday, April 22nd – Day 12: Landscape Profiles, Earthworks, Keyline Design
Sunday, April 23rd – Day 13: Hands-on Earthworks Design & Implementation

Weekend 7: Natural Building & Appropriate Technology

Saturday, May 20th – Day 14: Appropriate Technology, Invisible Structures, Natural Building
Sunday, May 21st – Day 15: Hands-on Natural Building

Weekend 8: Final Design Project

Saturday, June 24th – Day 16: Design Review, Design Tools & Technology, Final Design Expectations
Sunday, June 25th – Day 17: Begin of Final Design Projects

Final Weekend: Design Presentations

Saturday, July 22nd – Day 18: Final Design Presentations & Graduation Celebration Potluck

All modules listed above must be complete in their entirety for certification.

About the Course:

This 9 weekend Permaculture Design Course is designed to fit your lifestyle. Our unique format allows you to take the course section by section. What this means for you is a schedule that fits real life. Break the course up and take as many modules as you want or have time for right now. You can follow up with us and take modules you missed or retake modules you want more engagement with when it’s convenient for you. Only interested in Soils & Composting? Great! Signup for the Soils Weekend (Jan 14th & 15th, 2017) and if, at anytime in the future, you find you want to learn more, we’ll be here for you to seamlessly pick up where you left off. This means you get to pay only for the classes you that fit into your schedule, and save the rest for later.

Once you’ve completed all the modules and participated in the final design portion you will be awarded a Permaculture Design Course Certificate of Completion. In the tradition of Permaculture, this certificate gives you the authority to use the Permaculture title in a professional context.

Sliding Scale Tuition

Tuition is based on a sliding scale ranging from $475 to $875. Our sliding scale model makes this course more accessible to more people. We appreciate the people who are able and willing to pay toward the higher end of the sliding scale as they help to support those who may not have the means to take the course otherwise. At Integrated Acres believe this knowledge is important for everyone, no matter their economic situations, and we hope that you feel the same. Thank you for helping us make this course accessible to everyone.

About the Instructors:

Theron Beaudreau

Theron Beaudreau: For over a decade, Theron has been involved in Permaculture Design and education. His talent for engaging education has taken him all over the world and inspired many other quality teachers and designers. In 2014 Theron founded Integrated Acres, a design, consultation and, education firm, in the small ‘Deep East’ Texas town of Douglass. Today, Integrated Acres has been involved with several Permaculture Design Courses, public talks and, the 2016 host of international acclaimed designer Darren Doherty for an Integrated Farm Planning Convention. Theron looks to expand on these successes with a wider diversity of course offerings and engaging community examples of what permaculture can do for our families, communities and economy.

Additional instructors and guest speakers to be announced soon!

Have you ever felt challenged by attempting to sum up permaculture on the fly in 30 second ‘elevator speech?’ What about a thirty minute talk? One hour? It seems like the longer you have to talk about permaculture the easier it gets. Perhaps that is because permaculture covers such a wide variety of disciplines and subjects that the elevator speech just can’t do it justice?

Yet, try keeping that up for a full 72-hour PDC. It won’t matter how many subjects you are able to cover, how knowledgeable you are, or how much depth you are able to go into on any particular topic–if all you do is talk, you’ll have lost the audience, and with it the opportunity to inspire, before you’ve even begun to get to all those really valuable edges. True teaching, in any subject, and the ability to get the information to stick inside of our students’ heads requires a dynamic appoach, not just a regurgitator of facts. Great, memorable, life-changing PDCs are a heck of a lot more than a talking head, a marker, and a white board.


Theron Beaudreau

Theron Beaudreau: For over a decade, Theron has been involved in Permaculture Design and education. His talent for engaging education has taken him all over the world and inspired many other quality teachers and designers. Theron helps you step beyond the tired lectures, white boards, and Power Points into finding a teaching style that works for you and your students. His compelling instruction style has empowered students in finding their inner teacher and transforming into inspiring leaders in their communities. Learn engaging facilitation techniques that are intriguing, inspiring and joyful.


Kate Berger
I’m so glad I could come, fit this in, and would hope to someday model this course and pass it on to others.
Zach Halfin
Absolutely! It’s a game changer.
Stephanie Lynn
This course is both beneficial to a person’s personal growth, but as well their abilities to engage others in a shared passion. By diving deep into the realm of connection and relationships with people and nature, students take away a wealth of knowledge and tools to continue sharing with others.
Adrianne Kartachak
I wish every educator could go through this course no matter how tenured or how strong they think their presenting style is. We learned presentation skills, effective and peaceful communication skills, life skills, and just plan people skills. Get ready for these teachers to rock your world.
  • What you can expect to learn:
  • Designing a PDC curriculum that is fun and interactive
  • Engaging your audience and teaching for retention
  • Dynamics of daily course flow
  • Hands-on activities and energizers
  • Speaking comfortably and teaching in front of a group
  • Facilitation strategies for all learning types
  • Course financing & organization
  • Time Management
  • Much more!


Our Spring 2017 Permaculture Teacher Training course will cap out at 12 total participants enabling the creation of a cohesive atmosphere for all in attendance.

Students must have completed a bona fide and recognized Permaculture Design Course or have the ability to demonstrate equivalent or greater knowledge and experience. Your permaculture design certificate is not required to have been completed through PermacultureDenton. If you have a special request to attend without your permaculture design certification, please contact Nichole at or call or text 214.404.7301 to set up a meeting to discuss your background and experience with permaculture and examine your options.

Food and Lodging

Students are requested to find their own lodging for the length of the course as there are no public camping facilities in Denton. Reach out to Nichole for assistance with this matter, if you need it, especially if coming from out of the region.

Class days run 8am to 5pm daily. Please feed yourself before arriving to class each day and bring snacks and water. Your lunches will be included in your tuition. Please make sure to inform Nichole of any allergies or special dietary restrictions. We hope to have our meals prepared from locally sourced produce and meat. Not every day will include meat. More details on meals will be available closer to the course start date, once we have our numbers solidified.

Course Tuition

The investment for this course is $735. A $100 non-refundable deposit will hold your seat. Please register early, as this course will fill up quickly. Contact Nichole at or call or text 214.404.7301 to start the ball rolling.

Once you have registered, you will receive an email with instructions on how to prepare for the course.


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