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Looking for a Permaculture Design Course that makes sense for your schedule and budget? We’ve put in a lot of time to develop a curriculum that provides more course time, more hands-on learning and more fun for almost half the cost.

How did we do it? We trimmed the fat of the typical two week intensive format. Our 9 weekend PDC is spread over 10 months. One weekend a month from October – July (skipping December). Now you can take the full PDC for less than half the cost of the average PDC (with even MORE content) or you can just take the modules that interest you. If you eventually decide you want to take the full course and get certified, simply complete all the modules and do a final design project.

Complete all 9 weekends and you’ll be Permaculture Design Course certified. That means you only pay for what you want, when you want it, and you don’t have to spare precious vacation time to fit it into your busy schedule.

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Obviously, this format may not work for everybody. We still plan to continue offering the two week intensive format with our friends at the Austin Permaculture Guild. This new format is in response to all the requests for a course that is more accessible for people who work the standard Monday – Friday.

No need to take two weeks of vacation time for this Design Course. This course is for those of you with families and farms to keep up with. With our 9 weekend format, you can come learn with us for one only weekend a month (with Winter holiday and Summer breaks). You don’t have to quit your day job, be derelict on your farm duties or become estranged from your family.

Full Permaculture Design Course Schedule

Click the links below for more information about Integrated Acres’ 9 Weekend Permaculture Design Course. Register now for an experience that is sure to change your life for the better!

Or, signup for individual modules:

3 day Introduction Weekend

Friday, October 14th – Day 1: Permaculture Introduction, History, & Ethics
Saturday, October 15th – Day 2: Permaculture Design Principles, Methods of Design, Zone & Sector Analysis
Sunday, October 16th – Day 3: Natural Patterns & Patterns in Design

Weekend 2: Water Systems

Saturday, November 12th – Day 4: Water in the World, Water in the Home, Water in the Landscape
Sunday, November 13th – Day 5: Hands-on Water Design & Implementation

Weekend 3: Soils & Compost

Saturday, January 14th – Day 6: Soil Chemistry, Soil Biology, Composting, Compost Tea & Bio Fertilizer
Sunday, January 15th – Day 7: Hands-on Soil Design & Implementation

Weekend 4: Climate & Urban Design

Saturday, February 18th – Day 8: Global Climate Systems, Climate Design Strategies, Urban Design
Sunday, February 19th – Day 9: Urban Design Activity

Weekend 5: Trees & Forest Systems

Saturday, March 18th – Day 10: Trees, Forests, Savannas, Agroforestry, Silvopasture
Sunday, March 19th – Day 11: Hands-on Forest Systems

Weekend 6: Earthworks

Saturday, April 22nd – Day 12: Landscape Profiles, Earthworks, Keyline Design
Sunday, April 23rd – Day 13: Hands-on Earthworks Design & Implementation

Weekend 7: Natural Building & Appropriate Technology

Saturday, May 20th – Day 14: Appropriate Technology, Invisible Structures, Natural Building
Sunday, May 21st – Day 15: Hands-on Natural Building

Weekend 8: Final Design Project

Saturday, June 24th – Day 16: Design Review, Design Tools & Technology, Final Design Expectations
Sunday, June 25th – Day 17: Begin of Final Design Projects

Final Weekend: Design Presentations

Saturday, July 22nd – Day 18: Final Design Presentations & Graduation Celebration Potluck

The final two weekends are available only to those who have completed all the previous modules. Please Contact us for more details.

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